Creating Email & SMS Campaigns

Before sending a Communication Campaign you will need to set up an E-mail / SMS Template. Please follow the link below for instructions.

How to set up E-Mail / SMS Templates

Email & SMS Campaigns can be sent out in bulk to all clients or it can target a select few. 

1. Click on "Administration" tab.

2. Click on "Communication Campaigns".

3. Click on the green "Create Campaign" button.

4. Give your campaign a name. Make sure it is quite specific if this is a campaign you would send regularly.

Check the fields you would like the campaign to apply to.

5. Click on blue "Save new campaign" button.

6.  Click on the yellow folder.

7. Select your "Message Content Template" (the one you created in E-Mail / SMS Message Templates)  and your "Recipient Type". 

Click on the blue "Save Campaign Content".

8. You are able to add conditions to your E-Mail or SMS campaign if you wish. Select the condition you would like to add and click on the green "+" button. If you don't want to add a condition, just leave this blank.

9. Once you have finished adding all of your conditions click on the blue "Save Campaign Conditions"

Then click on (Back to Campaigns). 

10. This will bring you back to the "Communications Campaigns - Campaigns Not Sent" page. Click on the white scroll with a green arrow to send the campaign.

11. You are able to view the details from the campaign you have sent by clicking on the white "View Campaigns button"

From here you can view sent campaign details.

Opens = How many customers have opened and viewed (note this only shows values for email, not for sms).

Clicks = How many customers have clicked on a link (note this only shows values for email, not for sms).

If you want to check if your SMS campaigns have sent, go to Configuration --> SMS Log and this will show you what has sent. 

Last updated 20 May 2021

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