Adding an Attachment to an Email

You are able to upload documents into SimplySwim to attach to emails. This facility is great for newsletters, enrolment forms, and advertising.

To send a Bulk Email with an attachment first you will need upload the desired document following the steps below.


TIP: The best format to send an attachment is a PDF or JPEG as everyone can read these without a particular program. However any document type can be uploaded.

Go to "Configuration".

2. Under "Communication Preferences" click on "E-mail Attachment Storage".

3. This screen will display a list of what is currently being stored as well as the ability to delete those documents. 

     - Under Upload New Document, click "Choose File".

4. A window will open up allowing you to search for the document on your computer. Select the document and click "Open".

5. The chosen document will then appear on the screen. Then click "upload".

Once the document has been successfully uploaded the following message will appear.

NOTE: Documents that you upload will be stored on the system until you delete them. There is no time limit.

6. The document cannot be any larger than 2.5MB otherwise you will receive the following message.

TIP: If your document is too large (or is close to the maximum file size), it can be helpful to do a Google search for a pdf shrinker that is free to use. This will compress the file size without reducing the quality. Then try your upload again.

7.  Now that your document is uploaded you will now be able to add the attachment to your "E-mail / SMS template". See Creating an SMS / E-mail Template on how to create an SMS or E-mail template if unsure.

Last updated 27 May 2021

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