Follow these steps to create automated Non-Attendance Notifications.

Before following these Steps make sure the Non-Attendance Reasons and the Non-Attendance Messages have already been set-up.

1. Click the green Configuration Tab.

2. Select Non-Attendance Notification Set-up from the "Company" section of Configuration.

A list of the current notifications will appear as shown below.

3. Click Add a Non-Attendance Notification

The following Screen will appear.

4. Fill out the Description.

5. Select the Non-Attendance reason the message will be sent for.

6. Select the number of previous days to check. (Keep in mind checking for 7 days will check for today and the same day of the previous week.)

7. Select the number of occurrences to trigger the message.

8. Choose your message template from your already written Non-Attendance messages.

9. Tick if you would like a task created for Staff to follow up on.

10. Click Save Non-Attendance Notification.