Creating Automatic Non-Attendance Notifications

Follow these steps to create automated Non-Attendance Notifications.

Before following these Steps make sure the Non-Attendance Reasons and the Non-Attendance Messages have already been set-up.

1. Click the green Configuration Tab.

2. Select Non-Attendance Notification Set-up from the "Company" section of Configuration.

A list of the current notifications will appear as shown below.

3. Click Add a Non-Attendance Notification

The following Screen will appear.

4. Fill out the Description.

5. Select the Non-Attendance reason the message will be sent for.

6. Select the number of occurrences to trigger the message.

7. Choose your message template from your already written Non-Attendance messages.

8. Tick if you would like a task created for Staff to follow up on.

9. Click Save Non-Attendance Notification.

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