Follow these steps to Create SMS & Email Templates that will be used for bulk emailing and SMS's or to edit the existing automatic emails and SMS's that are sent out by SimplySwim.

1. Click on "Configuration" tab.

2. Under "Communication Preferences" click on "E-mail / SMS Templates"

3. To create a new template click on the green "Add Message Template" button. 

If you wish to edit an existing template click on the yellow edit folder next to the template name.

4. Type in a name for your template. For Example "Start of Term Welcome Message" and select if  you would like it to go out as an E-Mail or SMS. Then Click the blue Add Message Template button.

5. From here it will bring you back to the E-Mail / SMS  Message Templates page. Click on the yellow folder to add E-mail Subject and Message Body.

SMS Templates. Type in the message in the field provided. Click Save Message Template Button.

Email Templates:

Create a Subject for your email that the families will see. 

Type in your message body. You can use the editor to create bold, colourful text and insert images and logos.
Click on Save Message Template button.

Your Template is now saved and may be edited and used multiple times.

To add an attachment please see Adding an attachment to an E-mail