Online Non-Attendance Notifications

Modified on Wed, 9 Jun, 2021 at 3:00 PM

Clients can notify of their non-attendance at a lesson through their online customer portal, saving you admin time. This will automatically mark off the attendance for their lesson, giving the non-attendance reason they select from those you choose to display on the customer portal.

To set this up in your configuration, follow these steps.

1. Go to Configuration.

2. Click "Non-Attendance Reasons". You can add or change non-attendance reasons at any time.

3. You need to make sure you have at least one reason that is available in the customer portal. You can either edit a current reason or create a new reason. It is a great idea to give the Portal reasons a different name or terminology to what you and your staff use so that you know the reason has come from the portal. For example, you could have "I am sick", "Something came up", "I am on holidays" etc, or you could have "Illness - portal", "Holidays - portal", etc. 

      New Reason: Click the Green Add Non Attendance Reason button.

      Edit a Current Reason: Click on the Yellow folder next to the current Non-Attendance Reason.


4. Fill in the fields making sure you tick "Show in Customer Portal" and the click  the blue Add Non Attendance Reason button. NOTE: If you do not tick this box, the reason will not be visible in the customer portal.

Generally customers are only offered a make-up lesson through the portal, not a lesson credit.

5. Go back to the main Configuration screen.

6. Click on "System Setup".

7. Click on Customer Portal.

8. In the field "Days in Advance Non Attend Allowed" put a value for the number of days in advance someone can advise they will be away for a lesson. (eg. 7 for a week, 30, whatever you require - we find the more advanced notice the better).

In the field "Minutes before class time non attend allowed", put in the number of minutes you require for notice of absence to allocate a make-up. Some centres require 30min, some 5min - this is individual to you and your requirements. If your customer tries to notify an absence within this timeframe (e.g. you have it set to 30min and they try to notify you 20min prior to a lesson) they will not be able to do so, they will need to call you instead and it will then be up to your discretion as to whether to stick to your policy or allocate a make-up. 

9. Click Save.

Parents will now be able to log into their customer portal and mark non-attendance.

Last updated 9 June 2021

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