How to Import Accounting data to Xero

There are two main parts to exporting / importing data to your accounting package - Export data from SimplySwim and Import data into the Xero application.  It is Important that prior to attempting to export data from SimplySwim the Xero initial integration setup process should be completed. Please review the initial integration setup steps before proceeding - Xero Initial Integration Setup - or contact SImplySwim support to arrange for this process to be completed.

Export from SimplySwim:

Select the Administration tab & then select 'Download Accounting Import File'

Click 'Run Accounting Export Now'

A new line will appear with an Export Date showing the date and time the file was generated.  A link is also provided in the Download File column - download the file to your computer.  This file will be required to import into your accounting application.

Import into Xero:

Login to your Xero account select the Business tab & then invoices

Select Import
Select Browse and choose the file you have downloaded in the previous steps, tick the Tax Inclusive box and then select Import.

It will then display the number of invoices to be imported. IMPORTANT: if you get any error messages here please do not go any further send a support ticket to SimplySwim.

If there is no error message select Complete Import
Select the tick box to select all draft invoices than select Approve.

You have now successfully imported your Accounting data from SimplySwim to XERO and will now be able to reconcile your bank feeds against these invoices.

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