There are two main parts to exporting / importing data to your accounting package - Export data from SimplySwim and Import data into the accounting application.  There are certain pre-requisites for Exporting / Importing data into Xero from SimplySwim.  Please review the pre-requisite information before proceeding - Pre-requisites for Exporting / Importing Accounting Transactions to Xero.

Export from SimplySwim:

To the 'Administration > Download Accounting Import File'

Click 'Run Accounting Export Now'

A new line will appear with an Export Date showing the date and time the file was generated.  A link is also provided in the Download File column - download the file to your computer.  This file will be imported into your accounting application.

Import into Xero:

Go to 'Accounts > Sales'

Click the 'Import' button

Select a file type of 'Xero', browse to and select the file you exported from SimplySwim in the previous step.  Ensure the Address update setting is set to 'No' and the Tax Inclusive or Exclusive option is set to 'Tax Inclusive'.

Click the 'Import' button to process the import file.

Confirm the creation of the imported transactions - click 'Complete Import'

Xero's import process will create Draft Sales for each transaction as it is imported.  These 'Draft Sales' will need to be approved to be seen as transactions.  

Select all the imported transactions and click the 'Approve' button.

Once the Imported Sales Invoices are approved, there are no further steps.