SimplySwim is a web based Class Management, Scheduling, Client Communication and Billing application.

To use SimplySwim all you will need only need two things:

  1. A computer, it can be a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, old or new. You can use whatever you have currently and don't need to purchase any expensive terminals or servers.
  2. An internet connection. It can be wireless or wired, ADSL, NBN, 3G, 4G or even using your phone as a "Hot Spot" to connect.

We all have a Web Browser on our computers. The Web Browsers you may be familiar with are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox. SimplySwim is accessible in all of these web browsers however we recommend Chrome by Google for peak performance. This is also the Browser our Support Team works with and one of the first questions they will ask you is "Are you using Google Chrome?"

By now you should of been sent an email with a link to your SimplySwim site and an automatically generated username and password.

When you click on that link this is what you will find.

Site ID: Your unique SimplySwim site identification number. This number is also used as a reference for our Support Team to be able to log into your SimplySwim Site to help answer your support requests. To assist the Support Team including this number in your Support Request would be very helpful.

Release Number: The version of SimplySwim you are currently operating. For the most part all of our SimplySwim sites are operating the same version or release. In some cases we release versions early to some site's to help with testing prior to a full release.

Username: The field which you would put your Username to log into SimplySwim. This field is case sensitive.

Password: The field which you would put your Password to log into SimplySwim. This field is case sensitive.