Schedule Times

Modified on Fri, 11 Aug 2023 at 11:43 AM

This setting is found at:

Configuration -> System Setup -> Scheduling

Schedule Start Time

Used to control the first hour of the day to show on the Class schedule.  Taken from a time of hh:mm, use the hh from the time required. Eg: to show 5am as the first hour on your schedule, enter a value of 05. This is produced from the time hh:mm time being 05:00, then entering only the hour - 05. For more examples, refer to the Quick Guide below.

Schedule End Time

Similar to the Schedule Start Time setting above, this value is the last hour to be displayed on the Class schedule.  Again, this value is to be entered as a 2 digit number representing the Hour in 24 hour time. For more examples, refer to the Quick Guide below.

Quick Guide:

5am = 05

6am = 06

7am = 07

8am = 08

9am = 09

10am = 10

11am = 11

12noon = 12

1pm = 13

2pm = 14

3pm = 15

4pm = 16

5pm = 17

6pm = 18

7pm = 19

8pm = 20

9pm = 21

10pm = 22

Schedule Interval (mins)

Most used for adding and modifying Classes on the schedule.  This value allows changes to the minute intervals displayed when setting the duration of a class.  By default, this is set as 5 minutes so that you can create any length of class time.

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