Direct Debit Timeline - Step by Step Process example

This article provides a simple, visual, step-by-step guide of the steps taken to run a Direct Debit Batch. You can print out the attachment and keep it handy whenever you run a Direct Debit batch as a reminder or checklist.

This example can be used whether you are running weekly, fortnightly or monthly Direct Debits.

Monthly direct debits are generally run on the 1st of the month, with any declined payments re-run on the 15th of the month.

Fortnightly or weekly direct debits we recommend running on a Wednesday or a Thursday (Thursday tends to be the most common day). Check the payments on the following Tuesday, and then you can either re-try your declined payments (if any) or, leave any declined payments until the next batch is run if this is your centre's preferred action.

See the attached step-by-step guide.

For a detailed in-depth instruction on creating and running a Direct Debit Batch, please see this article: 

Creating a Direct Debit Batch

You need to configure your system and have direct debit agreements in place with families. See this article if you need to do this: 

Direct Debit - System Configuration and Family Set Up

Last updated 7 April 2021 by Jo Rogers

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