How to set a Family up on Direct Debit (Payrix eDDR form)

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This article provides instructions on how centre staff can set a family up on a Direct Debit Agreement (eDDR form). 

You can alternatively allow customers the ability to do this through the Customer Portal. Refer to this article for instructions on this option:

Family Direct Debit Agreements (self-setup through portal)

The instructions here assume your direct debit configuration in your site has been completed.  If it has not, please refer to the instructions in this article:

Direct Debit (Payrix) - Getting Started and Configuring your System

(The above linked article covers:

Part One: Payrix  - external provider set up

Part Two: SimplySwim Direct Debit Configuration and Set Up).

You will not be able to send out your eDDR forms to families until the above configuration setup is complete.

(Part Three): Sending eDDR forms out to Families

The Electronic Direct Debit Request (eDDR) forms need to be sent out individually so that each family has their own unique linked form. The eDDR form is needed for families to be included in a direct debit. It is a secure agreement between you and the family. 

Handy tip:

If you are setting families up on direct debit centre-wide, we would suggest to go to your Families screen and click on "List Active Families" so that you have an interactive list to work through. You will need to go down the list one by one.


The Message Template that goes with the form is your "Direct Debit - eDDR Notification" either SMS or E-Mail. You can update these if you wish to (Configuration > E-Mail / SMS Templates) but do not change the %%eDDRLink%% or they will not receive their individual form link.

Family Account Set up and eDDR Form (new agreement)

To send out a new eDDR form to a family for the first time, from the individual Family's screen / file:

1. Click on "Manage Direct Debit Agreements". 

(This can be found in "Active Direct Debit Agreements" below the "Finance" section).

2. Click on "Add Direct Debit Agreement".

3. Fill out the details and click "Next".

If you only have one type and do not need a pre-set amount, you can just click next. Otherwise, fill out the details.

Direct Debit Type: Select the direct debit type from the drop down menu (set in your Direct Debit Configuration). 

Agreement Start Date & Agreement End Date: The start date will default to the date you are creating the agreement. We recommend to leave the Agreement Start Date and Agreement End Date as is. 

Pre-set Amount: Tick this box and fill out the amount field (no currency symbol) only if you need to set an amount other than the system calculation. Generally you would leave the pre-set amount unticked and the amount field empty. You would only need to fill this out if a family has an outstanding balance that they cannot manage to pay in a lump sum.

4. The next window will show a summary of the agreement. Both SMS and E-Mail are ticked by default, if you want to untick either you can. Then click "Send Payrix eDDR to Family".

You will see the direct debit status is "Suspended - Incomplete Setup (SUSPENDED)". When the family completes the form, this will change to ACTIVE.

An account can be active in SimplySwim without being active in Payrix. An agreement will remain inactive with Payrix until the family completes their eDDR form. To check the status of eDDRs with Payrix, follow these instructions:

Provider Specific Functions - how to check direct debit agreements

When the agreement is sent, this will show on the family page under "Active Direct Debit Agreements". You can also see the status of the last three direct debits the family has been included in. To view the agreement, click on "Manage Direct Debits".

You will see the agreement/s listed on the next screen. The "Active" status means the account is either active (green tick) or inactive (red cross) in SimplySwim. An account can be active in SimplySwim without being active in Payrix. An agreement will remain inactive with Payrix until the family completes their eDDR form.

From here, you have three "Actions" to view.

When you click on the magnifying glass symbol on the left, it will show the family's Direct Debit Account Details and Status with PayRix. It is also in this window that you can resend this particular family's unique eDDR form again if needed (if you send a new eDDR, it will create a new agreement and cause payment issues including possible double charging, something to be mindful of). The Payrix status needs to be "ACTIVE" for the direct debit to process.

When you click on the dollar sign, it will give you a log of past transactions for that family.

Clicking on the "Edit" function allows you to edit and update the direct debit agreement - for example you can set an amount or change the agreement date etc. If you need to make any changes, click "Update Direct Debit Agreement". If no changes are needed, click "Back to Direct Debit Agreements" in the top blue bar.

Last updated 01 February 2024

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