Percentage Tender Type surcharges can be automatically calculated by SimplySwim, and is usually applied to Credit Card tender types.

Setting Up Tender Type Surcharges

1. Go to Configuration

2. Create a POS Item called "Credit Card Surcharge". For more information on how to create a POS item click here.

3. Click on Tenders

4. Click on the "Edit" option beside the Tender Type you would like to add the surcharge to

5. Tick the box next to "Tender Attracts Payment Surcharge". In the drop down for "Invoice Item to Charge" select the newly created POS Item. Then add the surcharge percentage value into the "Surcharge Value %" field. Example: 3.75% surcharge = 3.75

6. Click the blue Add Tender surcharge.

This percentage will now be added when the Credit Card Tender Type is selected.