You are able to add a message to your SimplySwim statements which will appear on the statement as shown below.

To add or change the Statement Message Head follow these steps.

1. Go to Configuration.

2. Click on Receipt Messages.

3. Click Add Receipt Message.

4. Fill out the field for the new receipt message making sure the dates are correct. If you would like the message to appear all of the time make the end date a day in the year 2030.

5. The message for statements does not need to be 140 characters wide, this is only for those using a receipt printer. Please note that these messages will also print on the bottom of your receipts if using a receipt printer as well.

6. Click Save.

The Saved message will then appear in the list, you are able to make it inactive from there and edit should you wish.

Multiple Messages - multiple messages will appear if there are multiple active messages with with overlapping date ranges.