Best Practise
Our recommendation is to include the link to the Customer Portal on your website, then when referring people to the portal you can simply say go to the website and click the login button / link.  Avoid sending the link directly from SimplySwim - this link may change from time to time.

Where to find your Customer Portal Link

1. Simply click on the "Configuration" tab.

 2. Your unique Customer Portal address is under  the "System Information" box at the top of the configuration page. Simply copy and paste this link and add it to your website.

3. Select and Copy the SimplySwim Customer Portal Link

Here is an example code snippet for those that are familiar with how to edit their website content.

<a href="" target="_blank">Customer Portal Login</a>

Below is an excellent example of including your Customer Portal Link on your website...

You may wish to forward this information to you website developer or marketing team for additional assistance.