How does Point of Sale / Inventory / Suppliers work?

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These features include inventory control, re-ordering, suggested orders, cost pricing & on-hand calculations.

1. Click on the "Configuration" tab

2. Under Point of Sale / Inventory Click on "Stock Categories". 

Stock categories are broken down - for example, Merchandise, Confectionery, Beverage.

3. Under Point of Sale / Inventory Click on "Suppliers". 

4. Complete the following details and click on the blue "Save" button.

5. Next you want to add an Inventory Item

Under Point of Sale / Inventory Click on "Inventory Items". 

6. Click on green "Add Inventory Item"

7. Fill in the following details. 

Supplier Reference / Item Number = The Supplier reference number can generally be fund on a suppliers purchase order.

Min / Max Levels = These are the minimum and maximum stock levels before you need to make an order of this particular item.

8. To add stock quantity, click on the item you just added.

9. Click on the green "Post Stock Adjustment"

10. Add in the following

  The Quantity of stock

        Cost per Item 

        IF REQUIRED - Adjustment Notes (If you bought the product on sale)

Click on the blue "Post" button.

11. The next step is to go and add a  "POS Item Category"

12. Click on the green "Add POS Item Category" button. This will be the button that comes up in the "POS" tab.

You want to give the Category a name that items fall under. These items will be added to the category in the next step. Please see below some examples. 

Categories - Items

Swimwear - (Girls Speedo size 8-12 / Girls Speedo size 4-8)

Caps - (Silicone caps / Latex cap / Fabric Caps)

Beverages - (Water / Poweraid / Orange Juice) 

Sort order - This will sort the order in which your POS categories will show on the "POS" tab.

PLEASE NOTE: You can make these items Inactive if they are not in use to clear up room in your POS screen. Just click back on the category name and select Inactive.

13. Now you are ready to add your "POS Items".

14. Click on the green "Add Item" button.

15. Fill in the following details. This is where you will select your  "POS Item Category"

Once completed all the details click on the blue "Save" button.

To add inventory click on the yellow folder next to the item you wish to add the inventory to. It is best to do this as you enter each one in to make sure they are done.

(These items below will be under the Chocolate category on the "POS" tab.)

Here you can link your inventory item. Type in the item you would like to add then select the "Add Link" Button.

16. Click on the "POS" tab.

17. On this screen you will be able to see the "POS Item Categories" you have made. (The ones on this system are an example).

Click on the category you have made.

18. This will bring you to the "POS Items" you have made and linked to the "POS Items Categories".

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