POS Quick Tender configuration

On your main POS Screen, you have the ability to set a second Quick Tender option. This allows you to have Cash and another tender type available for a quick tender transaction.

Main POS Screen with Quick Tender #2 not configured.

1. To configure the tender to be used, go to your Configuration tab.

2. Click on System Setup.

3. Click on Point of Sale, and then select the desired tender from the drop down menu for Quick Tender #2.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Save changes".

This will then appear on your main POS Screen:

Some points to be mindful of when setting a Quick Tender:

  • the amount of the transaction is automatically tendered
  • change is not calculated or displayed
  • surcharge / transaction fees do not apply (even if configured for the tender).

Last updated 15 November 2021

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