Step 3: Adding Programs (Online Program Bookings)

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Now that you have created your classes and Portal Booking Group, you can create and add your Programs to your Portal Booking Group.

From your Configuration Screen under the 'Customer / Family Portal' heading, click on 'Program Booking Groups (Holiday Bookings)' and then click on the name of your Program (e.g. 2024 Easter Holiday Intensives).

In the bottom section "Family Portal Booking Programs" click 'Add Portal Booking Program to Group'.

You need to have thought about how you want to group your program bookings - for example do you want to group them by program week? By level? By Teacher? 

In the example shown in this article, we have created two weeks of intensives programs and have opted to group the intensives by Level as the class dates will be displayed.

Fill in the details of your Program.

Display Name: This is the name that will display in the customer portal so may change depending on how you have decided to group your intensive programs.

Display Description: You can choose to include this or not.

Sell Start Date: The date you want to start displaying your programs for sale in the customer portal.

Sell End Date: We recommend this to be the date before your program starts.

Pricing Calculation

Program Cost Calculation Type: Make a selection from the dropdown menu. You can choose to charge either a Fixed Cost OR select pricing from your Price Level matrix.

Fixed amount to charge: Enter an amount if you are charging a fixed price. Do not enter an amount if you are charging a price level instead.

Price Level / Price Matrix: Select your Holiday Intensives price level (HINT: This is the price level you have set up on your intensives classes.).

POS Item to Charge: Choose your POS Item you created earlier/previously. This needs to be selected no matter which way you are charging for your programs.

Fixed Cost EXAMPLE

Price Matrix Calculation EXAMPLE

Payment Options

You must select at least one payment option: Full Payment, Deposit or charge to Family Account. 

You can choose multiple or all options. Each option you want available needs to have the corresponding box ticked. If taking a Deposit, enter the Deposit amount, e.g. 50.00.

If more than one option is selected, the family will get to choose their desired payment method at the time of booking.

RECOMMENDED PAYMENT OPTION: We recommend taking Full Payment at the time of booking then you know that your programs are booked and paid for. If allowing the payment to go through the the Family Account, the spot will be booked without payment.

Note: For those running Direct Debits, if you select a Deposit or Family Account payment method this could impact the Family's Direct Debit depending on the dates of invoices, payments and your batch dates.

Note: Payments can only be taken if you have an account with one of our third party payment providers.

Booking Terms and Conditions

You have the option to include additional Booking Terms & Conditions on each program. If you'd like to include them, tick the box and add your content.

Click 'Save Family Portal Booking Program'.

You are taken back to the top of the screen. Tick the box 'Published / Display in Family Portal'.

Levels Allowed to Book

Next you need to select the Class Levels that you will allow to book into this particular program. In the example shown, we have created a Level 1 group and want to allow Level 1 and Transition level students into the classes.

Enrolment Templates

Here is where your naming of your intensives is so important. Select the Enrolment Templates that you want to add to this program. In the example shown, we have selected ALL Level 1 classes for Week 1 and Week 2 of our Holiday program.

Click 'Save Family Portal Booking Program'.

This returns you to the Family Portal Booking Group screen and your newly added program is shown with the applicable settings in the bottom section of the screen.

You need to repeat the above steps for each Portal Booking Program that you wish to add to the portal booking group.

You can go back and edit any of these programs at any time by clicking on the Display Name of the program.

You can add and remove or publish / unpublish programs at any time the same way.

Move on to the final step here:

Step 4: Publish Bookings (Online Program Bookings)

Last updated 7 March 2024

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