Configure Server Direct Print on Epson Intelligent Receipt Printers

The previous implementation of receipt printing relied on local communication between the client browser and the printer.  This was not able to be done when the browser used https, and can no longer be done with recent updates to Chrome security settings.

Using Server Direct Print removes this requirement as the printer receives its print requests directly from the SimplySwim server instead of the client browser.

The majority of work to configure Server Direct Print needs to be completed on the Epson printer.  This is not something that can be done remotely for existing clients.  For new clients, where the printer has been purchased from SimplySwim, we can configure the printer prior to shipping it to site.

Printer Configuration

  • Find the Serial Number of the printer.  This is usually found on the sticker underneath the printer.
Serial Number sticker, usually found on the under side of the printer

  • Find the IP Address of the printer.  By default, this is printed each time the printer is switched on
IP Address of the Epson Receipt Printer

  • Open a web browser and connect to the printer configuration page using the IP Address from above:  


  • If prompted, enter epson as the username & password combination
  • In the menu on the left-hand side, navigate to Configuration > Web Service Settings > Server Access > Direct Print
TMNet WebConfig

  • Enable Server Direct print
  • Enter the Serial Number of the Receipt Printer into the ID field
  • Enter the following URL into the Server 1 URL field:

  • Update the Server 1 Interval(s) value to 3

  • Click Apply



  • Configuration → System Setup → Point of Sale
    • Enable Epson Intelligent Printing - On
    • Use SSL for Epson Intelligent Printing - On

  • Update Workstation settings, removing the IP Address, replacing it with the Serial Number of the printer (same as the value in ID).


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