My Attendance Screen is Missing

This is one of those Major Issues when you come in of a morning, log into SimplySwim and your Attendance Screen is blank or missing!!!!

You will be happy to know it is a very quick and easy fix.

99.99% of the time it is because a "Billing Run" hasn't been done for that date.

Attendances and Invoices are created when the billing run is done.

To find out how to do a billing run, click on the article below.

Bulk Invoice Generation

If you have done a Billing Run for the date and attendances are still not appearing, please contact support immediately.

(You can check your billing run dates by going to your Administration tab, and clicking on "Auto Generate Lesson Invoices" and it will show you your previous invoice history with the billing dates and the date they were processed).

Last updated 21 April 2021

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