Direct Debit - System Configuration and Family Set Up

SimplySwim allows you to setup and manage Direct Debits for families with ease. You can decide what frequency suits your centre best (e.g. fortnightly, monthly etc), and you can opt to have the Direct Debit set to take the calculated lesson amount (generally used for fortnightly direct debit cycles), the family's account balance (generally if the Direct Debit is monthly with a monthly billing cycle e.g. squads), or a specifically set amount (e.g. if a family has a previously outstanding balance and you want to pay this down along with new charges, you can override the automatic SimplySwim calculated amount).

Part One: PayRix (formerly known as IntegraPay) - external provider set up

To enable Direct Debit payments in SimplySwim, you need to set up an account with PayRix (formerly called IntegraPay). There are other providers available, however PayRix is the recommended provider that is fully integrated into SimplySwim, allowing seamless payment solutions that are secure, meeting all your Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. If you are using another provider (such as EziDebit) you can contact us to schedule a migration from your provider to PayRix.

To start your new PayRix account process, follow this link and fill in your details:

Part Two: SimplySwim Direct Debit Configuration and Set Up

Direct Debit Types

In your Configuration tab under "Financial", click on "Direct Debit Types". This is where you can add the Direct Debit types and frequencies. Click on the green "Add Direct Debit Type" button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Direct Debit Types CANNOT be changed/modified/deleted once they have been added, so think through who you want to charge and when before setting this up. For example do you want to charge your general billing (learn to swim) families fortnightly and your squads monthly? If you need assistance in your set up, please contact SimplySwim Support before making any changes to this screen. 

Give the Direct Debit Type a name - e.g. "Fortnightly" or "Monthly" or "Squad Monthly", whatever you need it to be.

In the "Calculation Method" drop down menu, select either "Account Balance" or "Calculated Lesson Amount". 

Calculated Lesson Amount = the lesson amount owing for that time period. So if you are running the direct debit fortnightly, charging $19.00 per lesson and there are two lessons in that period, they will be charged $38.00.

NOTE: Any adjustments, payments or credits made in the timeframe will also be taken into account and may mean a change in the usual amount or no charge to the family.

Account Balance = the family's account balance. This is generally used for monthly billing.

Select the Provider in the "Direct Debit Provider" menu. When all fields are complete, click "Save Direct Debit Type".

Family Account Set up and eDDR Form

Go to the family screen. Under the "Finance" section, you will see "Active Direct Debit Agreements" - click on the green "Manage Direct Debits" button.

To add a Direct Debit, click on "Add Direct Debit Agreement".

Select the "Direct Debit Type" from the drop down menu. You can either leave the start date as the date you are creating the agreement, or the date of your next Direct Debit batch run. Leave the end date as is. IF a family has an outstanding balance that needs to be paid down, you can tick the "Pre-set Amount" and type in the dollar value (no $ sign)"Pre-set Amount $". If not, leave them blank. Click "Next".

The next window will give a summary of the agreement and give you the link to an Electronic Direct Debit Request form (eDDR) to send to the family. Click on the button to send to the family to complete the form.

The family needs to fill out the form. This secure electronic form meets all your PCI requirements as you do not see or store the information, it is all securely encrypted with PayRix.

When the agreement is completed, this will show on the family page. You can also see the status of the last three direct debits. To view the agreement, click on "Manage Direct Debits".

You will see the agreement/s listed on the next screen. The "Active" status means the account is either active (green tick) or inactive (red cross) in SimplySwim. An account can be active in SimplySwim without being active in PayRix. An agreement will remain inactive with PayRix until the family completes their eDDR form. 

From here, you have three "Actions" to view. 

When you click on the magnifying glass symbol on the left, it will show the family's Direct Debit Account Details and Status with PayRix. It is also in this window that you can resend this particular family's unique eDDR form again if needed (if you send a new eDDR, it will create a new agreement and cause payment issues including possible double charging, something to be mindful of). The PayRix status needs to be "ACTIVE" for the direct debit to process.

When you click on the dollar sign, it will give you a log of past transactions for that family.

Clicking on the "Edit" function allows you to edit and update the direct debit agreement - for example you can set an amount or change the agreement date etc. If you need to make any changes, click "Update Direct Debit Agreement". If no changes are needed, click "Back to Direct Debit Agreements" in the top blue bar.

You family is now set up for Direct Debit.

Last updated 5th October 2021

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