Whilst holding a students spot due to a known absence is not an everyday occurrence, there are times where it may be required. 

Do not use credit and cancel for future dated classes, credit and cancel should only be used for past classes. When you apply a credit and cancel it temporarily removes the enrolment for the dates that the credit and cancel is applied for which will result in the class showing up as being available for enrolments and can result in overbooking your classes.

In these instance below is our recommended steps to create a hold spot in SimplySwim.

Step 1. Create a Hold Spot Non Attendance Reason. 

Go to configuration / Non-Attendance Reasons

Select Add Non Attendance Reason

Name the Non Attendance Reason as Hold Spot, leave the Notes Required, Make-up Given & Show in Customer Portal tick boxes blank and set your display order to 99. Once you have done this select the blue Add Non Attendance Reason button.

Step 2. Create a lesson credit POS item 

Go to configuration / POS Items and then select the Green Add Item button

Set your Description & Receipt Description as Lesson Credit or Hold Spot Credit etc. Ensure your Sell Price is a negative number which is equivalent to what the student is charged for their weekly class in order for it to be credited against fees owed. Then assign you POS Item Category, Tax Type and Revenue Type fields. Leave the Show on QuickSell Screen and Is this a Pass Item? tick boxes blank and select the blue Save button.

If you have different prices based on number of students in the family enrolled or multi-enrolment discounts ect. you will need to repeat these step for each of your lesson prices.

Step 3. Applying the Hold Spot to a students class.

Go to the students screen and select the attendance folder for the attendance date or dates you wish to apply the hold spot for, Then choose the hold spot Non Attendance Reason and then update.

 You should now see the Hold Spot attendance listed below .

Once you have applied the Hold Spot Non-Attendance Reason, go to the families screen and select the add invoice button under finance

Select the Invoice Date to correspond with the Hold Spot Absent date. PLEASE NOTE if the family has a Direct Debit enabled you will need to set the Effective Date/ Debit Date to a date that correspondence with the appropriate future Direct Debit run dates to ensure the correct Direct Debit Deduction amount is calculated. Once you have set your dates select your lesson Credit or Hold spot Credit POS item from the dropdown box and then select the blue charge to family button.

By following these steps the students ongoing enrolment will remain active, the dates that the Hold Spot Non-Attendance reason has been applied for will make the class dates available for make ups and will credit the families account to ensure they are not charged for the Hold Spot Dates.

If any further assistance is required with this matter please contact SimplySwim Support and a Support Officer will be happy to assist.