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Capture leads at any time of the day or night with an online enquiries form that feeds directly into SimplySwim. Convert families with the click of a button. The enquiries form is available on the Complete and Elite subscription packages. Are you making the most of your package?

1. To use the "Online Enquiry Form" function you will need to embed your link into your website. Please see link below.

Adding Online Enquiry Form to Website

2. Once you have the link set up your customers can go onto your website and click on the link. The link will then open a page that looks similar to the below screen.

3. Once the customer has clicked the "Submit Enquiry" button it will then go into your SimplySwim "Enquiries" Tab.

4. Any enquiry will sit in here until actioned. Click on the magnifying glass next to the enquiry to see the full details.

5. Here you are able to action the enquiry. 

        Enquiry Status - You can set the status accordingly

        Assessed Level - Fill out children's levels they have been assessed as.

        Add Note - Here you can enter in any notes for other administration staff. ie, Customer is calling back to book in                             assessment date

        Convert this family to a Family/Student - Tick this box and click "Convert to Family & Student" it will add the                                                                                        customer to your SimplySwim site

6. The enquiry has now been converted into a family and you can now book the students into a class as per normal.

Last updated 18 May 2021

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