The customer portal is a great tool to save you administration time.

The portal can enable customers to Cancel a lesson if they are going to be absent, book make-ups (if you like), see their account balance and make a payment online and they can also use it to contact you via e-mail.

It will save you a lot of time if you book make-ups over the phone with customers having the freedom to do it themselves. You can set the limit to how many makeups they can do in a certain date range.

To enable to customer portal simply follow these steps below.

1. Go to the "Configuration" tab.

2. Under "Company" click on "System Setup

3. Click on "System"

4. Then click on the "Enable Customer Portal" box.

5. Then click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

6. Back in "System Setup" Click on "Customer Portal".

7. Here you are able to edit the information that is shown and i use on your portal. Once you have made all necessary changes you can click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

8. Add a Welcome note to your portal where you can put information such as Term dates, when fee's are due, make up policies & any other relevant information. See article Adding a Welcome message to customer portal

9. Let customers make payments via the portal with credit card. See article Adding a payment option to your portal

10. Once you are happy with how your portal is set up you can send the portal link in an e-mail to your customers to start using or add the link to your social media page or website. See article Adding your customer portal link to your website