Configuring Your Customer Portal

The customer portal is a great tool to save you administration time.

The portal can enable customers to cancel a lesson if they are going to be absent, book make-ups, see their account balance and make a payment online (if you wish to set this up) and they can also use it to contact you via e-mail.

It will save you a lot of time if you currently receive absence notifications and book make-ups over the phone with customers. 

To enable and configure your customer portal, simply follow these steps below or contact Support and they would be happy to set this up for you and talk through the setup options.

1. Go to the "Configuration" tab.

2. Under "Company" click on "System Setup". 

3. Click on "System".

4. Then click on the "Enable Customer Portal" box.

5. Then click on the blue "Save Changes" button.

6. Back in "System Setup" Click on "Customer Portal".

7. Here you are able to edit the information that is shown and able to be used in your portal. Below is an example of a typical setup (further explanation for each option is below the image).

Once you have made all necessary changes, click on the blue "Save Changes" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • The top 6 options relating to PIN payments only need to be completed/ticked if you want to receive payments online through the customer portal. You will need to have an account with Pin Payments (follow this link to set up an account if you do not already have one: - if you click away from the link for more information, make sure you go back to this link to sign up or they will not know you have come through SimplySwim). Please talk to Support about this further for information on properly configuring payments.

  • We recommend to tick "Disable Account Transactions". If this is enabled, customers will be able to see all transactions in the family finance section. If you tick the box, they will only be able to see their account balance.

  • We recommend do not tick "Disable Account Balance" unless you do not want families to know their current balance.

  • "Disable Make-up Class Bookings" - the majority of centres leave this unticked so that families are able to book make-up lessons online. If you tick this box, they will not be able to book make-up lessons themselves.

  • "Disable Contact Us" - only tick this if you do not want families to be able to contact you through the portal.

  • "Disable Non Attendance" - only tick this if you do not want families to be able to notify a non attendance through the portal. 

  • "Days in advance Non Attend Allowed" - this is where you set how many days in advance families can notify that a student will be absent from their lesson. This is at the discretion of your centre and should be in line with your policies and how much notice you require.

  • "Minutes before Class Time Non Attend allowed" - this is where you set how many minutes before a lesson start time that a family can notify of an absence to still receive a make-up. Some centres have this set to 60 minutes (e.g. if they pick their child up from school and they are sick, they have time to notify the centre of a non-attendance), some centres have it as 15 minutes or less, some have it as 4 hours (240 minutes). This is at the discretion of your centre and should be in line with your policies and how much notice you require.

  • "Disable SMS for Verification Code" - only tick this if you do not want families to receive their verification code to register for the customer portal via SMS.

8. Configure your non-attendance reasons that are displayed through the customer portal. We recommend having different terminology to your regular non-attendance reasons so that you can distinguish them as being from the portal. Calling them things such as "Something came up", "I am sick", "I am on holidays", or you could have "Illness -  Portal", "Holidays - Portal", "Notified - Portal". Make sure the "Make-up Given" and "Show in Customer Portal" options are ticked (if you do not give make-ups, do not tick that box). Families will only be able to select a non-attendance reason that has "Show in Customer Portal" enabled. See article: Creating Non-Attendance Reasons

9. You can add a welcome message/s to your portal where you can put information such as Term dates, when fees are due, make-up policies or any other relevant information. See article Adding a Welcome message to customer portal

10. Let customers make payments via the portal with credit card. This also saves on administration time, and gives families further payment options. Payments made through the portal are automatically updated on the family's finance. See article Adding a payment option to your portal

11. Once you are happy with how your portal is set up you can send the portal link in an e-mail to your customers to start using or add the link to your social media page or website. See article Adding your customer portal link to your website

Last updated 17 May 2021

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