You can add a student to a class from either the Family Information, Student or the Class screen.

From the Student Screen

1. If it is a new family or the child is not currently enrolled into a class you can enrol them into a class straight from the family screen. See picture below. Click on the green "Add Henry(student name) to Class" button.

Please note: The student needs to be assigned a level before you enrol them into a class.

2. Select the day and time you would like the family to be enrolled and billed for. If the student is enrolling during the term you need to make sure you click on the actual date they will start their first lesson so they are billed correctly.

3. It will then bring you to the "New Class Enrolment" screen. Make sure the "Enrolment Start Date" is correct. You can leave the "Enrolment End Date" as is unless the customer has advised they are wanting to withdraw on a certain date. It will then only bill them from the start to the end date and they will automatically be withdrawn from the class after the selected "Enrolment End Date" has passed.

You also need to make sure the "Default Price Structure" is correct for the class as this will effect your billing.

Click on the blue "Save" button.

4. Choose your pricing calculation for this enrolment for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

Automatic Calculation: SimplySwim will calculate the billing position based on Student Enrolments and number of other enrolled students in the family.

--------------------- OR ---------------------

Price Matrix Selection: Select the position in the price matrix that you would like the enrolment charged at for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

NOTE: this selection is for the current billing cycle only. For the new billing cycle SimplySwim will calculate lesson values.

Click Save.

5. It will bring you back to the "Family Information" screen. Here you can see the student is now enrolled into the selected class.

Please note: You can also follow the previous steps from the students screen and click on the green "New Class Enrolment" button.

From the Classes Screen

1. Click on the class you wish to enrol the student into.

2. At the bottom of the screen there is an option to "Add Student to Class". Start typing in a few letters and the same should come up in a list with similar names. Click on the student you wish to add and it will take you to the next screen.

3. This will bring you back to the "New Class Enrolment" screen. From here follow from steps 3 in the 

From the Student Screen section.