Active Family contacts (E-Mail / Telephone / Mobile) can now be displayed and automatically updated on your smartphone from SimplySwim.

Below are detailed instructions on how to add your Active Family contacts to the Contacts app on an Apple iPhone.  Other smartphone devices may also be supported, however, these have not been tested.

1. On your device go to 'Settings', then 'Contacts'

2. Click 'Accounts'

3. Select 'Add Account'

4. Select 'Exchange'

5. Enter the following details:

E-Mail:  <Your Site ID>

Password:  <Your SimplySwim Password>

Description:  SimplySwim Contacts

Select 'Next'

6.  Enter the following details:

Server:  <Site ID>

Domain:  <Leave blank>

Username:   <Your SimplySwim Username>

Password:  <Your SimplySwim Password>

Select 'Next'

7. When prompted disable Mail, Calendars and Reminders.  Select 'Save'

8. Open the Contacts app.  All your Active Family contacts are now displayed.