How to verify your "From" e-mail address

All e-mail communications sent from SimplySwim must be sent from an e-mail address that has been verified by our e-mail service provider (Amazon Web Services). We use an e-mail sending platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure secure and consistent e-mail delivery.

Verification is very easy to complete and is a one-time process. 

Update your e-mail address in Configuration -> System Settings -> E-Mail

Once updated, navigate to Configuration -> Advanced Functions

Click Verify Sender Email Address.

This will commence the Amazon Web Services e-mail verification process.  A confirmation will be displayed:

You will receive a verification e-mail from "Amazon Web Services" to the address you currently send from in SimplySwim.  This e-mail will contain a link to confirm you are authorised to use the e-mail address.

The e-mail from Amazon will look something like the one listed below.

To verify your e-mail address, please click the verification link (as highlighted in the above example) in the e-mail you receive.

If you have completed the verification correctly you will see a page with the message below.

**  The e-mail from Amazon will not make mention of SimplySwim.  We use Amazon as our e-mail sending provider.

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