MYOB Troubleshooting Accounting System Export / Import Issues

This section explains any error messages or problems you may experience updating MYOB with your income and payment transactions from SimplySwim.  


Error Message: Account number not found in list of postable accounts?

If you receive this error message when trying to update MYOB with fee payments or income information - you have attached a non-postable account (most probably an account that no longer exists in MYOB) to a default account or a Revenue Type code in SimplySwim. Check your Accounts List in MYOB and verify the correct accounts numbers are assigned in SimplySwim.  

Note: If an error occurs during the update, some transactions may have been updated in MYOB and some not. You must check MYOB and if some transactions have been updated, you should delete those transactions before attempting to Import transactions again.


Error Message: Can’t perform update: Tax account Linked account is missing.

If you receive this error when trying to update MYOB with fee payments or income information – you have accounts that have missing linked accounts for a tax code (eg. N-T, GST). To find the account(s) with missing tax codes, open your MYOB data file and select Tax Codes from the Lists menu. Open each suspect tax code, you will find the Linked account for Tax Collected and Linked account Tax Paid may be incomplete.

It is necessary for all tax codes to have the necessary linked accounts even if the tax rate is 0%. If the tax rate is 0% then this implies that the linked accounts for tax collected and paid will not be affected when using this tax code, as no funds will be allocated to this. 

Problem: Unbalanced transaction in MYOB

This can occur if you have created miscellaneous fee or sundry item transactions with GST in SimplySwim and posted them to an MYOB account that does not have a GST tax code, or if you have created POS item transactions without GST in SimplySwim and posted them to an MYOB account that has a tax code of GST. The solution is to ensure that you define your Revenue Type codes correctly in SimplySwim. Check the GL code drop list for the account’s tax code before attaching that GL code to the misc fee code or sundry item code. If it is a taxable account, ensure you tick the GST box and enter 10% as the GST amount on the miscellaneous fee or sundry item code screens.

Problem: Transactions appearing more than once in MYOB?

There is nothing preventing you from updating the same transactions in MYOB more than once. So if, for example, you have Imported the file into MYOB more than once for the same period, those transactions will be repeated in MYOB – and obviously will need deleting.

24 June 2021

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