Exporting Accounting Transactions from SimplySwim into Xero requires certain changes to be made into SimplySwim.  The information provided below is done so as a guide only. 

Configuration > System Setup

Configuration > Tax 

Configuration > Tenders

  • Set 'Send Detailed Information to Accounting Package' to Yes for ALL Direct to Bank Tender types (Bank Deposit).  
  • Create a Cash on Hand account for Cash payments to be applied to.
  • Create an EFTPOS to Clear account for EFTPOS / Credit Card payments to be applied to.

Setup for 'Cash on Hand' & 'EFTPOS to Clear' in Xero

Accounts need to be setup in a certain way to allow an Imported file to post to them.  When creating the 'Cash on Hand' and 'EFTPOS to Clear' accounts, create them as Current Asset account, with a Tax Type of BAS Excluded.