How to Import Accounting data to MYOB

Transactions created in SimplySwim can be imported into MYOB using the 'Import Data' functions within MYOB Software. This saves time as values do not need to be re-keyed from one system to another. There are two components to this process - one part in SimplySwim and one part in MYOB.



1. Go to the Administration menu 


2. Click on Download Accounting Import File



3. To Generate a new Export file, Click on 'Run Accounting Export Now'. This will generate a file containing all SimplySwim transactions that have not previously been exported.


4. A file will be created in the Accounting Export History window. These files are listed with the most recent file at the top of the list. Click the name of the file (SimplySwim_Journal_201407*******) to begin the download.

Once the file has been downloaded, the remaining process is performed in MYOB.



1. Go to File -> Import Data -> General Journal Entries


2. Ensure the following values are set to:

Import File Format: Comma-separated

First Record is: Header Record 

Click Continue.


3. Select 'Automatch' to automatically match the data file fields to the correct locations in MYOB.


4. After pressing 'Automatch' the screen should similar to below.

6. Click 'Import' to process the importation of the data from SimplySwim.

7. Once completed, MYOB will display the results of the import process. If there are transactions that were 'Skipped', this indicates that some of the data in the SimplySwim file was not correctly imported into MYOB.

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