Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.4.2

Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.4.


SS-766 Attendance Report > Update calculation of age to use same logice as class info

SS-763 Enquiry Form > Prevent blank Email Address showing as duplicate

SS-744 Family Documents > Error viewing files in Chrome

SS-743 Certificates > Prevent escaped character strings showing on certificate

SS-742 Student Membership > Error when Ending Membership

SS-739 Student Membership > Pre-fill End Date with todays date (instead of 1970-01-01)

SS-738 Direct Debit > PayWay > Populate Custom Fields with default values


SS-774 Email Template > Add company footer to message when creating a new Template

SS-773 Attendance > Capture and store source of Non-attendance recorded

SS-772 Accounting Export > Xero - Add tracking/category options to Import file

SS-770 System > Add alerting for student count subscription plan exceptions

SS-769 Customer Portal > Allow make-up lesson to be credeited for a non-attendance with make-up permitted

SS-767 Bulk Email > Create merge field for CurrentEnrolments without Teacher information

SS-764 Enquiries > Create additional Enquiry Statuses

SS-755 Customer Portal > Block Makeup Bookings by Classes in Fee Calculation Template

SS-754 Membership > Ability to exclude multiple membership types

SS-753 Customer Portal > Block Makeup earning within x Minutes of Class Time

SS-750 Family Portal > Add User Event tracking logs

SS-749 Enrolment > Force pricing selection for new enrolments (remove automated calculation)

SS-748 Student > Add setting to AutoUpdate Card Number to Student ID

SS-747 Customer Portal > Create setting to force redirect from Old to New portal site

SS-746 Passes > Set Effective Date when issuing Pass Invoices

SS-740 Student Membership > Add Membership tab and list of existing Members

SS-737 Attendance > Improve display of 1st Attendance Notification logic

SS-736 Family Portal > Add configuration to prevent the display of Skill / Level last updated date

SS-735 POS > Add Configuration for automatic receipt printing on finalised sale

SS-732 Direct Debit (Legacy) > Added Remove Pending Payment for Support Use (excluding 7 day wait)

SS-685 Message Templates > Add sort order for frequently used templates

New Feature

SS-759 Customer Portal > Allow non-attendance notification of a make-up without crediting another make-up

SS-758 Enquiries > Add option to select Students to be converted

SS-757 Enquiries > Add Custom Questions to Enquiry Form

SS-652 System > Add Security feature to only allow logins from known IP addresses for User / Group