Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.4.0

Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.4.0

(originally release 5-Jan-2022)

### Bug

SS-705 Passes > Remove Display limit of 15 Passes
SS-703 Task Processing > Fatal error causing unexpected End-of-Job
SS-699 General Ledger Export > Multiple Carriage Returns causing files to fail to import
SS-694 Communication Campaigns > SMS Template not allowing hyphen character
SS-692 Communication Campaigns > Data Tags not filling for SMS
SS-688 System > WHMCS Autologin returning error
SS-606 Customer Portal > Prevent booking a make-up into existing enrolled class
SS-555 Passes > Error Displaying Expiry Days when issuing a new pass
SS-547 Non-Attendance > Fix notification merge fields that do not fill correctly
SS-335 Customer Portal > Non-attendance > Date/Time being recorded as GMT not system time zone
SS-74 Classes > Check for future enrolments in Class before saving end date

### Improvement

SS-721 Direct Debit > Trim spaces from contact values before sending to Payrix
SS-720 Family > Trim spaces from contacts on save
SS-719 Customer Portal > Block Makeup Booking by Outstanding Account Balance
SS-715 Customer Portal > Block Makeup Bookings by Family
SS-714 Customer Portal > Block Makeup Bookings x Minutes before Class Start Time
SS-712 Direct Debit > Allow change of Direct Debit Type for agreements with same Provider
SS-710 System > Update Subscription Plan recommendations
SS-708 Communication Campaigns > Change order of Template selection
SS-707 Configuration > Add ability to edit Teacher Qualification definitions
SS-706 Make-up Bookings > Limit Bookings by Level and Class
SS-702 Student > Update Gender options
SS-701 POS > Improve logic for selective receipt printing
SS-700 Direct Debit > eDDR Redirect for Payrix - Change URL
SS-697 POS > Add Quick Tender to POS Screen
SS-695 Statements > Add CurrentEnrolment merge fields to email body
SS-693 Communication Campaigns > Add DataTag for Current Enrolmetns with Area
SS-691 Receipt Printing > Add Expiry of command messages
SS-690 Direct Debit > Payrix > Add Email/SMS Links to Bulk Agreement Check screen
SS-689 Communication Campaigns > Add Family Portal Registration status
SS-687 Direct Debit > Change Provider Name: IntegraPay to Payrix
SS-684 System > Remove Old Customer Portal Link from Display
SS-683 Attendance > Limit list of records to only display Teacher linked to current user
SS-681 Direct Debit > Add Failure Fee to Family Account for Declined Payments
SS-638 Configuration > "Delete" Inactive Teacher
SS-600 Direct Debit > IntegraPay > Add ability to re-send eDDR link for an existing agreement
SS-590 Customer Portal > Usage Statistics
SS-475 Attendance > Change Attendance Page not saving on iPad
SS-456 Edit Class Level - Changing All Students Levels
SS-385 E-Mail Templates > Add Variables for body filling
SS-384 General Platform > Cleanup of Headings and Screens \(multiple locations\)
SS-383 Non Attendance Messages > Improve fields available
SS-207 Exited Enrolment details to be added to Family Communication Log
SS-170 Multi Class Template > Search by Level to Add Class to Template
SS-130 Attendance > Send SMS From Attendance Screen
SS-51 Standardise Message Custom Field place holders \(% or |\)

### New Feature

SS-717 Customer Portal > Limit Makeups Earned per Billing Period
SS-709 System > Add Export/Import routines to transfer Family/Student data between sites