Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.4.1

Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.4.1

### Bug

SS-725 Family Finance > Fix limited date selector - allow all date ranges
SS-723 Attendance Report > Fix display of Attendances where Level of Class or Student is deleted
SS-73 Class Schedule > Scroll between weeks - does not show weeks already loaded

### Improvement

SS-731 Database > Add AttendanceID to InvoiceItem schema
SS-730 Swap Class > Fix displayed Effective Date
SS-729 Student Info > Remove default Cancel and Credit for Attendance
SS-727 Attendance Report > Show icon for lagging last update for Skills
SS-726 Attendance > Show icon for lagging last skills updated \(by x Days\)
SS-724 Scheduling > Create Class in Multiple Lanes
SS-722 Teacher > Send Individual SMS
SS-713 Attendance > Add link to EnrolmentID when Attendance record is created.
SS-704 Invoices > Add routines to allocate all POS payments
SS-698 Waiting List > Increase number of Priority Levels \(eg: 1-5\)
SS-493 Reprint Option for POS receipt

### New Feature

SS-609 Membership > Create Membership Platform
SS-584 Student > Show Student Contact Hours vs Average by Level
SS-34 Limit Make-up Class Bookings per Billing Cycle