POS - additional Quick Tender added

A new feature to our POS module has been added, giving you the ability to set an additional "quick tender" to the main POS Screen. As an example, this allows centres to have both Cash and EFTPOS available as quick tenders on their POS screen. 

If configured, the additional button is displayed in position #3.

Main POS Screen with Quick Tender #2 not configured.

To configure the tender to be used, go to Configuration > System Setup > Point of Sale and select the tender from the drop down menu that you would like to use for Quick Tender #2.

Main POS Screen with Quick Tender #2 configured for EFTPOS.

Some points to be mindful of relating to Quick Tenders are:

  • the amount of the transaction is automatically tendered
  • change is not calculated or displayed
  • surcharge / transaction fees do not apply (even if configured for the tender).