Release notes - APP - SimplySwim Platform - Version v75.3.0

Bug Fix

SS-657 Waiting List > Incorrect class information being shown on matched WL requests

SS-656 Enquiries > Assessed Student Levels not saving when updated

SS-655 Attendance Report > Display % Skills - currently only displays on/off skills

SS-653 Platform > Time not displayed on platform menu

SS-649 Multi Class Enrolments > Classes repeated in display

SS-645 Multi-Class Enrolment > Show count of Future enrolments for all classes in Template

SS-644 Customer Portal > Contact Us not sending messages

SS-643 Update Student Skills > Fix ordering of Skills

SS-642 Family Send Email > Dispaly of Attchments is blocked

SS-637 Statement > Exclude Direct Debit agreement option - Correct filter for Active/Inactive

SS-629 Enrollment Notifications > Correct Display of Next Lesson Date when Date is empty.

SS-628 Student Skills > Display % complete on Class Skills Update


SS-668 Communication Campaigns > Added SMS to Campaign Send Logs

SS-667 Statements > Fix Communication Log entries for Statements Sent

SS-666 Payment Receipt > Fix PaymentDate merge field

SS-664 Communication Campaigns > Send to Billing & Attendance Contacts

SS-663 Application Layout > Move Quick Search above Tasks

SS-661 Make-up Bookings > Show Average age of Student in each Class

SS-660 Family Portal Options > Update view of Verification value

SS-659 Statement > Migrate to SendGrid as ESP

SS-654 Waitlist Improvements

SS-641 PORTAL - No available make-up notification

SS-640 Class Info > Show age as Years/Months

SS-639 Family > Show last 3 Direct Debit payments on the Family screen for easy reference

SS-636 Family > Ad-hoc Invoice - Allow back dating of invoices to previous year

SS-635 System > Update Databse Schema - PortalUser / Policy

SS-634 Direct Debit > Update default EndDate when adding agreement to 2040.

SS-633 Reports > Increase Year range (+/-) for Date based reports

SS-626 System > Enable SSL Host Verification > Account Plan Update

SS-624 Attendance Report > Text Wrap Lesson Notes

SS-623 Audit Log > Events not displaying correctly

SS-622 System Configuration > Update Year Interval in Date Selectors

SS-621 Student > Show PriceOverride and HoldSpot flags for ALL Enrolments screen

SS-620 Send SMS > Schedule Date (years) to be increased and set dynamically

SS-619 System Configuration > Show Active Student / Family Counts in My Subscription

SS-618 Student Skills > Display % complete on Student Info screen

SS-617 Inventory > Order display of Items

SS-616 Student Skills > Show % value of current selection when updating skills

New Feature

SS-658 Family Policy > Implement functions to allow for different policy types

SS-651 Family > Add user permission to prevent Family Address appearing in QuickSearch results

SS-648 Pool Test > Add time of test to data entry

SS-647 Class > Increase Maximum Student value to 999

SS-646 Class Enrolment Templates > Bulk Update

SS-632 Direct Debit > Create migration process for EziDebit to IntegraPay

SS-630 Family > Policy Agreement framework

SS-593 System > Short Link generator for SMS Links