Our NEW Family Portal is here!

Our NEW Family Portal is here!

We are pleased to announce our brand new, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use Family Portal site has been released and is now available for you and your customers!

Our Product Development team have re-built the Family Portal from the ground up, incorporating your feedback and suggestions along the way, our new Family Portal provides a simple user experience that can be used on any device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet).

The best part is that it's available now for your site. Take a test drive today!

Accessing the new Family Portal is super easy - each centre has a unique web address for their Family Portal, which is displayed on the Configuration page when logged into SimplySwim.

There's no need for your customers to re-register or reset their password - they can simply login using the same email address & password they already use today.

To make the switch, all you need to do is update the link your customers go to when accessing the Family Portal for your centre. This could be on your website, social media accounts, email footers etc.

The original portal link will continue to work, however for your customers to experience the new mobile-friendly Family Portal the new link must be used.

If you're not sure how or when to make the switch, or need some additional help please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Quick Points

New mobile-friendly layout and design.  Customers can easily use your Family Portal on any device!

No need to re-register or setup a new password.  Existing Family Portal logins work on the new Family Portal.

Available to access today!  No extra cost or plan change - all sites have access to the Family Portal.

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