Customer Portal enhancements

Would love to see Families have access to their contact info displayed (primary contact, email, mailing address, phone # & emergency contact) so they can make any changes or updates as they happen.

Would save having to ask EVERY time we speak if their details are correct or chasing details.

Even better would be enquiries form able to import directly into SS contact creation of a family (if option chosen) so save manually copying over.

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  • Hi Shannon,

    We've got some exciting changes to our Customer Portal soon to be released that will address your concerns around family contact updates.

    To your query about Enquiries - you can capture leads at any time of the day or night with an online enquiries form that feeds directly into SimplySwim. Convert families with the click of a button. The enquiries form is available on the Complete and Elite subscription packages.  More information about the Enquiries Form is available here:


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