swap a student more than once a term

It would be very useful to be able to swap a student more than once a term.  Can we  please look at this being implemented

  • Does it not renew after 7-8 days? I run continually so I'm not sure if it's different for term bookings, but once I've used the swap function it remains inactive for a week and then becomes active again.

  • I run continually too but charge by the term, and it seems to only allow me to swap once each term. I'll check it out thanks liz
  • The swap class button disappears if the enrolment you want to "swap" has not commenced yet. As soon as they have their 1st lesson in that class it reappears.

    Basically you can't swap a swap until the swap is an active enrolment.

    Hope this helps clarify it.

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