New Subscription Plans & Pricing

Over the past decade, we have made continual improvements to SimplySwim, investing considerable amounts into research and development. We've enhanced many features in SimplySwim, including reporting, alerting & reminders, point of sale, stock/inventory as well as overall platform speed, redundancy & uptime - just to name a few.  As well as improving existing features, we have also introduced new features, including Communication Campaigns, E-mail & SMS tracking, Entry & Pass management and have more new features ready to release including Enquiry Management and Student Certificates & Progress Tracking.

Like any business, we need to review and revisit prices occasionally and it is never a decision we take lightly. From this review we have made some changes to our subscription plans. Information about our new subscription plans and what is included on each plan can be found on our website -

Effective 1 July 2019 our new subscription plans will come into effect for all current SimplySwim subscriptions. Your old plan will be changed to one of the new plans that best suits the way you use SimplySwim.

We have removed the 'per family' charging model. We found this approach made it difficult for centres to have a known fixed monthly cost. Our new plans have also been designed to ensure you are only paying for functionality in SimplySwim that your centre uses. This allows you to select a level of subscription that suits your specific operations.

The changes we're making reflect the improved value we believe we are delivering for your centre whilst addressing the rising cost of the infrastructure SimplySwim operates on as well as maintaining Australian based support.

We are also making changes to the discount you receive for having multiple SimplySwim subscriptions. Effective from 1 July 2019, clients with three (3) or more active SimplySwim subscriptions on the same invoice will attract a 10% discount across all subscriptions.

To see all product pricing and plan inclusion changes, visit our website -

We value you as a client and look forward to continuing to support your business. If you have any questions, contact us at

— The team at SimplySwim.