SimplySwim v58 - Release Notes


[SS-325] - Statements > E-mail > Response message not displayed when sent

[SS-326] - Outstanding Fees > Direct Debit Inactive Status

[SS-327] - Class Level > Add Skill > Short code limited to 9 characters

[SS-328] - Issues with automated task processing - cron jobs

[SS-329] - Email Alerts > Make-up Class reminder e-mails not being sent

[SS-330] - Send Campaign > Filter for current enrolment day - shows students that have been in a DOW class at any time

[SS-332] - System > Add AWS Credentials to cron task processing server

[SS-333] - Integration > Address book entries not deleting when Family record is inactive

New Feature

[SS-116] - Attendance > Bulk Emails for Day / Class / Teacher


[SS-331] - System > Remove AWS-SES sender verification checking in cron tasks


[SS-313] - Schematic > Family > Add UserID on creation

[SS-314] - Customer Portal > Add Family ID to display in portal

[SS-320] - Send Campaign > Direct Debit Filter