Deactivating make ups from families who aren't enrolled in the current term.

Families who are not enrolled in the current term should not be able to book in make up classes. They should be deactivated or cancelled.

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  • Especially if they have a sibling still enrolled as you can't disable the portal.

  • Hi all,

    What do you think about not allowing Make-up Classes to be booked if the student does not have a future enrolment?  Essentially, the logic would be only allow make-up bookings for each student where there is a current enrolment with an End Date past todays date.

    Does that make sense?


  • Yes please Ashley :)

  • This has been implemented.

    Only students with a 'current' enrolment will now be able to complete a Make-up Booking using the customer portal.  This does not impact bookings made by staff at a centre.