Upcoming changes at SimplySwim

SimplySwim was originally designed and developed in 2009 as a custom software application project for a single swimming school.

Since that time SimplySwim has grown considerably and is now used in over 100 centres across Australia & New Zealand, and we are continuing to expand. This expansion requires us to change our company structure and separate the SimplySwim product from our other graphic design and website hosting businesses.

To facilitate this change we needed to update our Terms and Conditions that apply to SimplySwim subscriptions. It has been a while since they have been updated, and things may have changed since you last read them.

You can read our updated Terms and Conditions here - https://www.simplyswim.com.au/terms-conditions/

One of the most notable changes is to the name of the company providing your SimplySwim subscription. Previously you were invoiced by Thumbtack Media or had credit card transactions processed by Thumbtack Media. Over the next few months all invoicing and payment processing will change to be issued and processed by SimplySwim Australia Pty. Ltd.


What you need to know

  • No change to the day-to-day use of and access to SimplySwim.
  • No change to the ways you access our support team (phone/e-mail/community site/social channels).
  • No change to the ownership and management teams.
  • Change of company name to SimplySwim Australia Pty. Ltd.
  • Change of company Australian Business Number (ABN) to 37 614 823 531.
  • New invoicing and payment methods introduced over the next 6 months.


When do these changes take effect?

  • For subscriptions commenced on or after 15 September 2016 these Terms and Conditions are already in effect.
  • For subscriptions commenced prior to 15 September 2016 the updated Terms and Conditions become effective on 1 February 2017. Your continued use of your SimplySwim subscription after 1 February 2017 constitutes your agreement to and acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.