Multiple Lane/Section bookings

We are looking at being able to use simply swim to keep on top of lane usage and pool bookings from the public facility side of things. 

To keep on top of lane usage etc we would need to be able to book sessions like Aqua aerobics into multiple lanes. 

At the moment you can only select one lane per 'class' being able to select multiple lanes/sections to the class would be easier than creating multiple bookings under the same class across the appropriate lanes. 

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  • Hi all,

    Multi-lane scheduling is now available in SimplySwim.

    When editing a Class, you can select multiple lanes for the class to operate from.  These are then displayed in the Classes Schedule.

  • I have squad swimming and each swim over a few lanes, this feature is really needed.

  • We would most certainly use this feature as too multiple teachers allocated to one class (for training purposes).

  • I know this is an old idea  but this would be great :)