New Feature - v41 - Exclude Global Discounts being applied to individual Price Levels

Version: v41

One of the new features in Version 41 is the ability to prevent a Global Discount being applied to a lesson invoice for a specific price level.

A day-to-day example of this is:

The Smith family have 3 children:

- Abbey is in a standard class

- Brendan has a private class

- Chris is in a standard class

Because the Smith's have three children they receive a 15% discount on all standard class fees.  The release of SimplySwim v41 gives you the flexibility to exclude certain price levels, in this example private classes, to be excluded from receiving the global discount.

Using this function the private class fees for Brendan are calculated at full price, with the standard class fees for Abbey and Chris have a 15% discount applied.

Release Notes available here -

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